Introducing Redearth Field Officer Caroline

Redearth’s Field Officers are a local team working to implement teacher training as part of the organisation’s aim for sustainability. With an impressive background in education, Caroline Nanyanzi recently supported Field Officer Chris and Project Manager Janet as they delivered a solo training session to 44 teachers.

Before she became part of the Redearth team, Caroline worked as a primary school teacher for 6 years in her local village. She then went on to become a school based mentor, working closely with the Rwandan education board. Her role involved helping out schools in English language and teaching methods under USAID and British Council guidelines.

She has recently helped Redearth support 10 schools in both rural and urban areas across Masindi. Her focus is in early grade reading (EGRA) and she also helps support schools in methods of good teaching and learning practices.

While working with Redearth, Caroline is also studying for a bachelor’s degree in primary education through a long distance learning programme as well as bringing up her 8 year old son, who is now in primary 3! What’s more, Caroline also has a wedding on the horizon and we wish her all the best in both her Redearth career and married life!

photo (1)
Caroline with Edward and Gilbert

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