Fundraising Fun: when the giraffes and lions joined St. Mary’s primary school

This September, Redearth will welcome a new group of volunteers to their team.Josephine Lumb is among them, and she has already been busy fundraising for Redearth in preparation for her travels.

A teacher at St. Mary’s Church of England School in Birmingham, Jo recently organised and hosted a fantastic Uganda day with her pupils!

The whole school got involved, including the teachers, as everyone arrived dressed in Africa-themed costumes. Roaring lions bounded into one classroom while elegant giraffes wandered around another. There were children on safari and teachers wearing beautiful, traditional dress. The day was filled with opportunities for everyone to learn all about Ugandan schools and culture. Classes were taught Ugandan dancing, listened to some African drumming and had the chance to create a display of Ugandan-inspired art. In addition to all the creative fun and learning, Jo’s Uganda day helped raise an incredible £250 for Redearth!

Jo has also raised a further £385 after running her first ever half marathon in 2 hours and 20 minutes! More recently, she raised another £100 through a lip-smacking competition of “Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar” as well as friendship bracelet making with the children.

Everybody at Redearth is immensely grateful for all the work Jo and St. Mary’s have been doing to help raise money for the schools in Uganda. We want to send a huge thank you as well to all the children who have been busy helping Jo fundraise, spending their playtime making bracelets or selling old toys and football cards.

Jo has almost reached her fundraising target. Can you help her hit £1,000? 



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