Introducing Katwesige Janet Wamara, Redearth’s Project Manager.

For two years, Katwesige Janet Wamara has worked as Redearth’s Project Manager, training, monitoring and supporting teachers in the organisation’s strive towards sustainable teaching practices and professional development. 

I am 37 years old with a certificate and diploma in Primary Education, and a certificate and diploma in Project Planning and Management. I am single with two sons, 9 years old and 8 months old. My mum is a retired primary head teacher, my dad is a commercial farmer but a secondary teacher by profession and also did some good politics in the district some years back.

Janet with her family

Before joining Red Earth Education, I worked as a primary teacher, at the level of Senior Education Assistance and Deputy, teaching Mathematics, English and sometimes Science revision to P.5 to P.7 students. I also headed several departments such as the Environment conservation club, debate, assistant in music training, the Mathematics department and NGO programmes. In addition to this, I was a district examiner, marking English. As Redearth Project Manager, I oversee a team of field officers who visit schools to implement Redearth activities. My responsibilities include:

  • Organising and conducting central trainings, such as reading, Gold structure lesson training for Silver level teachers and revision training for upper primary teachers.
  • Supporting schools in trainings in methodology, learning environment, behavior management, pupil engagement, resource making, brain breaks, lesson pace.
  • Co-teaching with teachers in the schools that Redearth support and demonstrating lessons.
  • Classroom arrangement and control in schools.
  • Lesson observations and providing feedback to teachers.
  • Holding meetings with the directors, staff, lead teachers and teachers in schools that Redearth support.
  • Organising board meetings.
  • Dealing with Accounts, making requisitions, balancing accounts and reporting to Edward, our M&E officer.
  • Coordinating Red Earth with other partner NGOs, like STiR and URDT by communicating from both sides.
  • Attending workshops by Red Earth and other partner NGOs.
  • Carrying out assessment both baseline survey, mid-year and end of year, in reading and Achievement Award programmes
  • Reporting to Red Earth and the TACLE board.

Written by Project Manager Katwesige Janet Wamara.

janet 1
Janet (left) overseeing learning aid and resource making
Learning aid and resource making
Teacher training sessions
Teacher training sessions
Monitoring schools

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