The number of ways dinner can be served to eagerly salivating diners that differ from the original order.

Hotel Continental, Iganga, is an incongruous title. Similar in tone to Exelsior Palace, Penge or The Dorchester, Watford.

We have arrived today from Lyantonde, a long and arduous drive of some 7 hours with a bewildering variety of driving practices by my fellow motorists, or #*&%$’##g  #@?*&%£s as they are also known. But that’s another tale. We are here to monitor the progress of 8 schools who received training from Redearth Education at the beginning of the year. This is to be our 3rd visit, and we are here with Janet and Constance, Project Manager and Field Officer respectively, who are being trained to carry out this work sustainably when Lynne and I eventually withdraw from running things here.

The hotel is quite new, around 3 years since the 1st guests graced its grand, gated compound and about ½ of it remains to be completed, especially the upper floors, where eucalyptus scaffolding adorns the concrete superstucture.

But it is this evening’s meal that was worthy of note for a number of reasons, one being the number of ways dinner can be served to eagerly salivating diners that differ from the original order.

The Ala Cart menu rejoices in some novel dishes, bound to tickle the curiosity, at least, of the adventurous foodie. All soups are served with bread crotons and the claw slaw slad is a must.  Pizza Magritta is a new addition to the festive board but the egg sand wish is a long standing mainstay. Chicken lollipops are, thankfully, drumsticks I think, but beef glauch needed some translation.

In the indian section of the menu is presented chicken brianee with Rita, a somewhat unusual, if not unexpected, garnish to the dish; puzzlingly, this unique combination has Irish potato wage as an optional addition.

The grills combine imagination with bizarre creativity; pepper stake and silon stake staffed with vegetables boggles the taste buds. To finish? Pineapple frutters. What else?

Now, to this evening’s meal. 2x grilled chicken and chips and 1x grilled chicken with rice and small side salads were ordered. I asked for vegetable curry, not as overpoweringly salty as last time, but with more curry flavouring, medium, with plain rice and naan. The time was 7.45pm. We settled down to await our drinks.

The lemon juice with mint came without the mint. The black coffee came with milk. The Coke came as Coke as did the water come as water.

2 HUGE salads were brought after 35 minutes.

The first chicken and chips came after 1 hour with a miniscule piece of chicken and a mountain of hot chips.

The second chicken and chips did not arrive. The chicken and rice came with no rice…………but a banana. Why a banana, we queried. ‘It’s a salad’, was the reply. There’s nothing one can say.

The second chicken and chips arrived! Cold chips but piping hot chicken.

Still no curry after 90 minutes.

The rice came! The one for the chicken and rice……and curry! The curry and rice were fine but nibbling the naan was like licking the flats at Salt Lake City. And now we needed a second table to carry all the plates!!

A memorable meal.

Written by Redearth co-founder Ronnie Katzler


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