Changing rooms at Kinuuma Primary School, Masindi

This week, there was a little bit of a switch-up at Kinuuma Primary School, as our volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got down to some heavy lifting with the teachers and students.

When we arrived, the Kinnuma nursery class of 49 children were based in a very small brick room. With no space for them to sit, let alone have room for active learning or for any resources to be used effectively, it was not a conducive learning environment.

After a brainstorm and scan of the building, we found a larger space next door which was being used as a store room.The head teacher was agreeable for the nursery class to be relocated, and work soon began when the older school children arrived to help move all the storage items, including goalposts, from the room.
New resources were made by volunteers alongside the class teacher and children, and the new class began to take shape as a reading corner was created. The P5 children joined us to illustrate the resources. At the suggestion of the teachers, a role-play area and nature table were added and we created many more resources together including a bottle line, calendar and alphabet chart which we added to the walls to make the class an exciting learning space.

The nursery children watched as their rush mats and benches were moved from their old class to the new class and were very excited to see their changed room, ready to use on Monday morning!

Written by Redearth volunteers Jacintha and Naomi
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