Nighttime Masindi Musings

Well let’s see now…the night watchman arrived last evening on time at 6.30 and was asleep by 6.45. A visitor came and knocked at the gate and I had to open it because the knocking failed to wake him.

As I opened the gate for our friend, the night watchman woke up, took stock of the situation, picked up his hat and coat and walked slightly groggily out of the gate and up the road, saying “taonaana,” see you later.

I asked him where he was going. He said as it was morning, his duty was over. Time to go home. I explained that he arrived 20 minutes ago and it was still evening. Look! No sun! Sheepishly, after gazing drop-jawed at where the sun should have been, he came back into the compound.

Written by Redearth founder Ronnie Katzler


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