#Just1Chance : A once in a lifetime journey


We’re taking a trip down memory lane to remember, share stories and reconnect with childhood friends!

All you need to do is dig out that photo album and find the earliest, funniest, cutest or most embarrassing pic of you or a family member at school! Share it, nominate your friends, and donate #Just£1 with a single click! Text ‘REDE00(zero zero) £1’ to 70070 and help change a child’s life today!

Invite your friends to get involved by copy-pasting the following text and tagging them so they can donate too:

I nominate X, Y and Z to post the earliest photo you can find of you or a family member at school. Let’s share our early school memories and help support education in Uganda! I’ve donated £1 to Redearth’s Just1Chance campaign. Text ‘REDE00(zero zero) £1’ to 70070 and donate Just£1 to give a child Just1Chance at a quality, life-changing education.

Click here for more nomination and donation details.

A world of firsts

Remember your first day of school?

Scared, excited, nervous – we rush through a roller coaster of emotions as we make our way to the school gates. It’s not easy to say goodbye for that first time, but we gradually wipe away our tears and turn to meet our new classmates. It’s these unfamiliar faces that will become our new friends, the ones we’ll share our lunchbox snacks with and tell secrets to at playtime. It’s in this strange classroom that we’ll learn to read and write, to play and discover. It’s one experience that will stay with us forever

No matter where we are in the world, we all experience those first moments of school-life. The details may be a little different, the uniform a darker shade of green or the view outside the window a little sparser, but the journey of self-discovery, friendship and personal growth should always be the same.


Let’s share our experience

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In Uganda, the rate of pupils dropping out of school before the age of 12 is 80%. Yes, 8 out of 10. Imagine if you had left school at the age of 12, unable to read and write properly, unsure of the world around you and your place in it. What would your life be like now? How many opportunities would you have missed out on?


Just1Child, Just1Chance, Just£1

We’ve all come a long way since that first day as a scared child in a uniform ever so slightly too big for our scrawny limbs. We had the chance to learn, to discover, to build friendships and grow into who we are today. Now it’s our turn to make sure others have that same chance.

We, you, the teachers of Uganda – we all have  JUST ONE CHANCE to make that first day count.

Every child has  JUST ONE CHANCE  at the education that will give them the life they want to live.

If we all help JUST ONE CHILD,  we can make sure it’s not just the first day of school, but the first day of university, of a new job, of supporting a family.

This is  YOUR CHANCE  to help make a difference.


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