Down in the Rift Valley, ‘bodas’ are the way to travel…

Last week, we welcomed our new volunteer Shelpa to the team. Shelpa was born in Uganda but left when she was very young – it’s her first time returning!

With Shelpa on board, we got straight to business, travelling by boda (motor bike) down into to the Hoima District for a monitoring visit at the Toonya school. Hoima lies in the Rift Valley, on the shores of Lake Albert and in sight of the Blue Mountains of the DRC. What a beautiful sight, and quite an adventure!blog.jpg This was our first visit to Toonya as on our previous visit to the District, the roads had been too bad. The school faces some difficult challenges being in the Rift Valley and a long distance from towns. In schools like these it is hard to find waste materials to make learning resources and also to motivate teachers and learners to adopt new changes. However, the school has made a positive start and we really look forward to visiting again later in the year!

blog 2



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