Global Citizens: A Skype Call from Kiyuya to Birmingham

What’s 10,000 km these days when you’ve got Skype to bridge the distance?

The RedEarth team and volunteer Jo decided to bring an added bit of tech to the classroom, uniting pupils across the world in conversation. With a single ring, and a few long-distance blips, the pupils of Kiyuya Primary school in Uganda and St. Mary’s primary school in Birmingham were able to meet each other via Skype!

Uganda Calling

Kiyuya Primary is a rural school located in a small village just outside of Masindi in Western Uganda.Everyone here headed into town in a minibus and the room was filled with excited voices as the dial connected us to St. Mary’s Primary. The favourite topic of conversation was football – lots of Arsenal supporters!

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The pupils of St. Mary’s primary school have been working really hard with teacher and RedEarth volunteer Jo to help raise money for the schools out here in Uganda. They were shocked to hear that some of the children have to walk for an hour or more to get to school, as well as that the school day begins at 8 and finishes at 5pm! After the call, they all put together a colourful fact board for their classroom, filled with all the interesting things they’ve learnt about school-life in Uganda.

Global Citizens

Teaching children about life in other parts of the world, and encouraging them to see through other eyes, is of huge importance to personal growth and development. Interactions like this allow young people to engage with different cultural perspectives and experience the wonderful diversity across our planet.

In an increasingly globalised world, this level of understanding and appreciation of difference is a crucial attribute for future generations. It will also be extremely important in the future, highly interconnected business world, where the ability to engage with people from a wide range of different cultures and traditions will be essential.

Want to find out how your school can help raise money for RedEarth and support education in Uganda? Visit our fundraising page for more information, or contact to learn how your school can collaborate directly with RedEarth.  


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