It’s My First Day of School!

first day of school back to school teachers

It’s a new school year for lots of us around the world, and we believe that’s something to celebrate!
But today is more than just a camera moment.
Our first day of school is our first step out into the world, the one chance we have at shaping our future. That’s why it should be the best education possible.
We know you’ll all be taking a photo or two on the big day, to capture the special moment for memory books, grandparents, and (of course) mum’s Facebook page. So why not share your pics with us and, with a single £ 1 donation, give a child in Africa the same chance at a quality education?

How do I join in?

It’s super easy! Just snap a proud pic of your little’uns in their new uniform! Share it, nominate your friends and donate #Just£1 with a single click!
If you want to join in on the fun too, dig out that old photo album and find the earliest, funniest, cutest or most embarrassing pic of you at school, old school style of course!

What do I do?

  1. Post your photo to Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
  2. Donate £1 to Redearth by texting ‘REDE00 £1’  to 70070 – That’s REDE(zero zero) by the way!
  3. Nominate your friends by tagging them in your post

Make sure to include this important message in your post:

I nominate XXXX to post your first day of school pic and help give a child in Africa the same chance! Text ‘REDE00(zero zero) £1’ to 70070 and donate £1 to Redearth. Let’s share our school memories and help give a child in Uganda #Just1Chance at a quality, life-changing education.


More to give?

The more money we raise through your donations, the more children we can help finish school. If you would like to donate more than £1 to Redearth Education, simply text REDE00(zero zero) followed by the amount in £ to 70070 



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