Just 1 Chance for what?

Across Uganda, Primary School education is free.

Yet out of every 100 children who enter P1, only 20 reach the final class of primary school.

Yes, over 80% of children drop out of primary education before completing their Primary Leaving Examination.

As a result, the numbers of those who qualify for secondary and further education are worryingly low.

Imagine what this means for a country where 50% of the population is under age of 15…

IMG_0441 (1)

Many schoolchildren in developing countries such as Uganda know a world where day to day survival occupies their existence; fetching water from the river or borehole at dawn, sweeping the home, walking to school up to 5 miles, little or nothing to eat or drink all day, walking home again, helping to dig in the garden for the evening meal, darkness comes with sunset, bathe, sleep.

Without the chance of a good education, how can they acquire knowledge of the wider world, become literate and numerate?

Their futures will probably be a repetition of those before them; a life of seeking any work that will provide money for food, farm or construction labouring, cane cutting; the options are few and infrequent.

The pattern needs to altered so that the children are engaged by education, enriched by knowledge and understanding so that they can have aspirations, achieve their dreams and become parents who value and support the education of their children.

Better teaching, better learning.
Redearth education




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