A Weekend in the Wild- by Josephine Lumb


Last weekend, myself and Jenny, the other volunteer, ventured into the unknown of Murchison Falls National Park with seasoned regulars Lynne and Ronnie- the RedEarth founders. It was an unforgettable weekend that has left me desperate for my next safari!

Thursday morning arrived as usual and I headed into one of my schools. I had an enjoyable morning spent watching lessons and giving feedback to teachers. My favourite lesson was a maths lesson about the properties of 2D shapes.  After cutting out shapes from their books with razors (no cuts, fortunately), the children then proceeded to create a song that went… ‘Circle- I like it, triangle- I like it, square- I like it…’ and so on. This was all done whilst making the shapes with their bodies. Needless to say the children and I both thought this was hilarious and much laughing ensued.

Then one o’clock arrived. I said my…

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