Redearth Education Assessments of Supported Schools  

This rain soaked fortnight, in the final rainy season of the year, is the culmination of our year’s work in the 50 Redearth Achievement Award Schools in Masindi district, supported by the local education authorities. We are Setting off at 7.30 am each morning, in 5 teams of 4 assessors, one team per school.

In pairs, the assessors observe every teacher teaching in a Redearth Education supported school, using identical assessment checklists, plus other features such as the learning environment, behaviour management and ethos. The teams comprise Masindi District and Municipal Inspectors of Schools, Redearth Field Officers, Lead Teachers and volunteers. Everyone has been thoroughly briefed on the process and essential features of a POSITIVE assessment process that the schools welcome and enjoy.

Assessment was ‘practised’ last week through watching videos of various Ugandan lessons, ranging from the brilliantly engaging to the dreadfully dull. The criteria for a good and fair assessment were discussed, explained and understood.

It is only the expert driving skills of the local taxi drivers that enabled all the teams to reach their allotted schools in time to finish the task. After rain, the murram and soil ‘roads’ become a treacle and semolina sludge that these drivers somehow manage to negotiate……..twisting, sliding, dipping, wheel spinning, near misses, bouncing and lurching across the lush landscape. Their 15-20year old Toyota Corolla saloons return each afternoon, comprehensively plastered with lumps, splodges and smears of dark brown Masindi mud to the tops of their windows.

Following each day’s assessment the teams return to the Redearth Centre for a quick lunch and detailed discussion, debate and ultimate agreement on the levels, Foundation, Bronze, Silver or Gold, that should be awarded to each teacher, and the school.



It has been so heartwarming and pleasing to see the progress that so many of the schools have made since the Achievement Award Programme began in 2012, and how much they are learning to enjoy their success. Fantastic!

One week gone, 25schools assessed….one week to go. Watch this space!

Written by Redearth Education Co-Founder, Ronnie Katzler 

IMG_1323 (1)



IMG_1354 (1)




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