A Redearth Education

Today, Uganda provides free primary and secondary education to all children. Yet while this has enabled thousands of underprivileged children to enrol into schools, the quality of education, and standards of teaching and equipment remain poor. This is evident in the low number of children that complete primary education. Many children drop out because they have not developed the literary or numeracy skills needed to successfully continue. 


RedEarth Education deliver training and ongoing professional support to teachers in Uganda, helping more schools develop the skills they need to ensure students successfully complete their education. Using interactive teaching methods which engage and inspire students, more children want to stay in school, where they continue to learn about the world around them, and most importantly, begin to enjoy learning.


At RedEarth, we leave behind boring, outdated approaches to teaching. Our lessons become exciting and learning is much more enjoyable. Pupils are encouraged to work together in groups to solve problems, gain practical experience with real objects and bring the external environment into their classrooms. Children are even learning how to read at a much faster pace. A recent, independent evaluation showed that 98% of children in the region could not read one word at the age of 7. In the first year of our Early Reading Programme, this had decreased to 14% of children within RedEarth trained schools.

RedEarth’s programmes are impacting hundreds of teachers and thousands of children – estimations are that their work has impacted 50,000 children. Today, these programmes include:

* Teacher Training – providing high quality teaching using methods that engage, motivate, inspire and provide enjoyment for both children and their teachers – school is a wonderful place!

* Teaching Resources– training teachers in making learning resources from free, local materials such as plastic bottles & cardboards, as well as providing access to many reading books.

* Literacy – Delivering a successful Early Reading Programme to teachers.

* Teacher Motivation – providing motivation, support and recognition to teachers and schools through an Achievement Awardwhere they can work towards achieving a certificate at different levels.

* Training Centre – providing access to free teacher training at the new RedEarth Training and Resource Centre

* Model Classrooms – providing examples of excellent teaching and classroom environments through a Model Nursery School to embed good practice from the beginning.


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