Action Challenge – Go the Distance 2016

Can you Go the Distance this year for education? Sign up to the 50km Ultra Challenge Series and go the same distance a child in rural Uganda walks each week for education. All money raised will go towards teaching young children to read. We’ll also send your a copy of acclaimed author Verna Wilkins’ new book, which has been written specially for the children of Uganda.

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Did you know that in Uganda, many children have to walk up to 50 km (31 miles) in ONE WEEK, just to attend school?

That’s almost 10km (over 6 miles) every day.

To and from school.

Five times a week.

RK APril 2010 076.jpg

Because numbers aren’t always that easy to relate to, we’re challenging you to Go the Distance for education this 2016!

Walk it, Jog it, Run it! However you do the 50km Ultra Challenge,  you’ll cover the same distance so many of Uganda’s children have to walk every week for education. Over 12,000 challengers of all levels of athletic ability and ages will be taking part – so why not join us, get fit, and do something amazing in 2016.

All donations raised will be sent to Uganda in support of the Redearth Reading Programme. Redearth work in rural schools where literacy rates are very low and there is an 80% drop out before the end of Primary school, largely due to their inability to read. With your donations, we will continue to train teachers in early reading and help improve children’s life chances through education.

We will also send you a copy of the children’s author Verna Wilkins’ new book “A Busy Day” as well as sending two copies to Ugandan schools. This will be used to help children discover the joys of reading for pleasure.

Can you Go the Distance this year for education? Visit the Ultra Challenge website to sign up to your challenge and then start fundraising here!


Take on the series!

Ultra Challenges are for runners of all abilities. Marathon competitors stepping up the distance; seasoned ultra runners out for sharp times, or regular joggers looking for an exciting event.

With 5 inspirational events to choose from – each with its own character, each a unique challenge, and all achievable – it may be the most rewarding experience you’ve had in years! 

Secure your place on one of the 50km challenges now with a registration fee of £49, and then set your fundraising target at £250 per person









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