Uganda Marathon 2016

Embark on a journey to the Equator, and experience an adventure like no other!

Sign up to the Uganda Marathon 2016  and go the same distance a child in rural Uganda has to walk each week for education! Enter the code RED EARTH and get £50 off.

All money raised will go towards teaching young children to read. We’ll also send you a copy of acclaimed author Verna Wilkins’ new book, “A Very Busy Day,” which we are using to train teachers in early reading. 

It’s more than just a race – it’s a 7-day African Adventure, from partying with local villagers to trekking through rainforests in search of the famous mountain gorillas!

Uganda – a land of emerald rainforests and mountain gorillas. The source of the mystical Nile, where the earth is red, street markets burst into vibrant colours and the streets buzz with speeding boda bodas (motorcycle taxis).

It’s a country that captures travellers’ imaginations around the world and always manages to find its way onto people’s ‘bucket-list.’

2016 is the chance to cross it off YOUR list with a bang when you sign up to the Uganda Marathon. Meet new friends from around the world, make a difference in the community and experience the adventure of a lifetime! 


Sign me up!

Sign up to the Uganda Marathon 2016 now to secure your place! It’s the biggest sporting event in the region and places are filling up quickly.

Just enter “RED EARTH” on the registration page and get £50 off the listed prices for your Uganda adventure.

There are no fundraising targets or minimums, so set your own goal and help bring quality education and literacy to the children of rural Uganda. 







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