Training 80 Education Leaders from across Uganda

We recently set up this model classroom in the hall of a hotel in Kampala!

Why? Because we’ve been training 80 Education Leaders from across Uganda with STIR EducationThis was part of the Teacher Changemaker Programme, which aims to re-ignite the motivational spark within teachers and actively support them to lead change – to ensure that their students truly learn. 

Model classroom 4 (1)

The Redearth team has just returned from Kampala, where we were involved in training 80 Education Leaders from across Uganda with STIR EducationIMG_3345We delivered training sessions for 2 full days with our first module ‘The Physical Learning Environment’.  We will be following this up in May with the module ‘The Emotional Learning Environment’. This is the focus of the STIR Teacher Changemaker Challenge for 2016 and we have partnered with the organisation to provide the training.

The 80 Education Leaders that attended included teachers, Headteachers, NGO staff and Co-ordinating Centre Tutors (CCT’s). They have all been selected by STIR and have been receiving ongoing training over the past 2 years.

The Leaders will return to their own regions and disseminate the training back to networks of teachers in their schools. These teachers are then expected to implement the
Various interactive 2 (2)programme and to develop some new ideas themselves i.e. micro-innovations.

Their ideas are submitted to STIR and a selection panel chooses the best. The selected teachers are then invited to attend an event in Kampala, where they are provided with certificates. Their micro innovation is disseminated through STIR booklets and distributed to all schools in the programme.


Redearth Education Training: “The Physical Learning Environment” 

We set up a model classroom in the hall of the hotel in which the conference was taking place. Learning aids made from local materials were hung from the walls, just as they would be in a real classroom. All of the Education Leaders were very interested to see the classroom layout and the different ways of displaying materials.

Some of the activities involved in the training sessions were:

  • Redesigning the layout of classroom furniture to meet the needs of pupils and to meet the needs of the lesson, using grids and cut outs of furniture
  • Estimating how much time is used up in lessons in activities unrelated to learning – some Education Leaders’s estimated that almost the whole lesson was taken up in these tasks
  • Role play of poor time management
  • Building a bridge to span the largest distance between two chairs and to carry a specified weight using ONLY 4 sheets of A4 paper – this challenge involves team work, PUPIL ENGAGEMENT in activity, competition – and it’s fun too

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