ICT Teacher Training

Over the last few weeks, 100 teachers visited the Redearth Training Centre  for a series of ICT workshops aimed at empowering educators through technology. 

Held over a period of 5 weeks by Redearth Field Officer, Gilbert Sante, the workshops provided 100 teachers in Uganda with fundamental ICT skills.


Such training is crucial for the professional development of teachers in today’s technology-geared world. In many parts of Uganda, particularly in rural areas, there is very little access to teacher training opportunities. Providing teachers with ICT skills and knowledge will help support their teaching practices, and enhance the efficiency of their work.  

Gilbert reports that the teachers who participated have learnt a lot through the training, many of them having had barely any experience with computers before the workshops.

Teachers can now utilise these new skills to make data entries in excel sheets, which will IMG_6244support lesson planning and student progress monitoring. They also have access to a wealth of online teaching resources, of which there is a sufficient shortage throughout Uganda.

Gilbert explains that the main focus in his training was to encourage teachers to work with minimal supervision. He continues, “I also gave the teachers an assignment where they had to download some notes from an internet cafe as opposed to giving them hard copies. This enabled them to get acquainted with using the internet beyond the Redearth Training Centre.”

Gilbert has also encouraged teachers to acquire smart phones, as they are now able to communicate with other members of staff via email instead of travelling miles to hand in a report.

The training has been a great source of encouragement for participants. Many teachers are enthusiastic to learn and develop new skills, however there are hardly any opportunities to do so. Gilbert says “Towards the end of the training, most teachers were requesting to come back and practice with us since they found the experience

Your donations help us bring this training to more teachers, allowing them to further develop their careers as well as improving the quality of teaching in schools across Uganda. Find out how you can help here.


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