What are the Redearth Achievement Awards?


In 2012, we asked: “How can we motivate teachers when they are surrounded with huge challenges, both in their work and their home lives?”

We knew that people like their successes to be recognised. This helps them feel good about themselves and drives them to achieve more. Yet the teachers we met in Uganda were not receiving the support and encouragement they needed.

The Achievement Assessment Awards were set up in 2012 to help solve this problem. The project aims to motivate teachers and encourage schools to improve their teaching and learning strategies.

It identifies specific criteria that RedEarth supported schools need to meet in order to reach different levels:

  1. Foundation
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold.

Each school must show evidence to a team of assessors (RedEarth, District Inspectorate, Lead Teachers) that they met the criteria. They can then win certificates and plaques publicly recognising their hard work and success.

These schools are supported throughout the year by Redearth Field Officers and volunteers, who visit on a regular basis. The support provided trains teachers in three crucial areas: interactive teaching strategies, positive behaviour management and improving the classroom environment.

We believe this initiative to be a crucial part in the way forward towards sustainability and long term improvements in the quality of teaching and learning.




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