Achievement Assessment Results!

There are currently 49 different schools enrolled in the RedEarth Achievement Assessment Programme.

These schools are supported throughout the year by Redearth Field Officers and volunteers, who visit on a regular basis. During these visits, school staff receive 1:1 support and undertake training in strategies for teaching and managing behaviour.

After 2015’s assessment, we are extremely proud to report that we now have 53 teachers teaching at the Silver Level of the award, and 12 teachers at Gold Level! There are also 7 schools which are now operating at Silver Level overall!

This is an incredible achievement on the part of the teachers, who all stared off at Foundation Level.

RedEarth volunteer and UK teacher, Jo shared some great things she saw in these schools:

  1. I observed a lesson about sinking and floating where each table was given a bucket of water and different objects (including the teacher’s keys…) so that pupils could conduct their own experiment!
  2. I saw some use of open questions in a lesson on human rights! (This is rare in the Ugandan school system).
  3. I saw some really positive relationships – teachers smiling at pupils, laughing with them, all pupils keen to answer questions (how often do you get all hands up in a British classroom?!)



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