RedEarth Achievement Awards 2016

We recently hosted this year’s Achievement Award Ceremony at the RedEarth Centre, welcoming head teachers & teachers as they received their certificates. It was a day filled with fun, food, speeches & applause as we celebrated these teacher’s success and achievements.

We are extremely proud to report that we now have 53 teachers teaching at the Silver Level of the award, and 12 teachers at Gold Level! There are also 7 schools which are now operating at Silver Level overall! This is an incredible achievement on the part of the teachers, who all stared off at Foundation Level.

Before the awards kicked off, we spent the morning playing games led by staff, volunteers and Lead Teachers – games which the teachers can use with their pupils such as pairs, snap and bingo. The Lead Teachers even did a little role play performance which got us all laughing and ready to celebrate.

Well done to all of the incredible teachers we continue to work with, and to all our brilliant volunteers and supporters who have helped make this happen!

Find out more about the Achievement Awards here


Arriving in best clothes!IMG_3903IMG_3904IMG_3909IMG_3920IMG_3930IMG_3933IMG_3937IMG_3960IMG_3978IMG_3981IMG_3986IMG_4010IMG_4013IMG_4022IMG_4025IMG_4027IMG_4028IMG_4039IMG_4051IMG_4056IMG_4058IMG_4059IMG_4063IMG_4084Vice Resident District COmmisioner MAsindi District  (1)Vice Resident District COmmisioner MAsindi District  (2)


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