RedEarth Education Featured on National TV

We’ve been featured on National TV!

The NTVUganda series “Championing Education” looked at the advantages of teaching pre-primary children in their mother tongue. Watch the video here.

RedEarth Education focuses on training schools how to teach pre-primary children in their local language. This enables pupils to become fluent local language readers, before transitioning and adapting their skills to English in P3, P4 and beyond.

RedEarth Nursery, Masindi

The RedEarth Nursery, featured in the show, teaches pupils in Runyoro, the local language in Masindi. Centre Manager, Emmanuel Odeya, explains “we try to advocate for the use of local language, knowing the importance it plays in the children’s learning achievements.”


The RedEarth Education-trained school, Kinuuma Primary, is also featured. Head Teacher, Naboth Monday, says that teaching children at the lower primary level in their mouther tongue has been very effective.

Kinuuma Primary School, Masindi

UNESCO has encouraged mother tongue teaching in primary education since 1953. Learning in their local language means- children are more likely to enroll and succeed in school; parents are more likely to communicate with teachers and participate in their children’s learning; girls and rural children with less exposure to a dominant language stay in school longer and repeat grades less often; and children in multilingual education tend to develop better thinking skills compared to their monolingual peers.


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