Introducing Redearth’s Youngest Fundraiser!

Meet RedEarth Education’s youngest fundraiser, eight-year-old Alana of Kent, who decided to forgo birthday presents, asking friends and family to donate £8 to charity instead.  Now she has teamed up with RedEarth Education to launch the Pass it On Challenge.

In total, Alana raised nearly £600 for two charities – more than twice her goal!  £225 of this has already made its way to Uganda and has been used to train 20 teachers through workshops,  impacting around 1,000 children. Teachers were shown how to make a range of learning aids and resources using local materials, which are used in their classrooms to support the Redearth Reading Programme.

Instead of presents, Alana asked for £8 (or $8 for her American family and friends) to be donated to her chosen charities, RedEarth Education and Charity: Water. Yet Alana’s fundraising efforts haven’t stopped there! She and RedEarth Education have teamed up to launch the Pass it On Challenge.  Alana will pass on the challenge of raising £50 to three of her friends, who are then encouraged to pass it on themselves to three more friends. Every £50 raised will train 4 teachers and reach 200 children.

Together, we aim to raise a total of £15,000. This money will be used to deliver training in 70 schools in Uganda, helping 700 teachers become great at their job! This will go on to reach 35,000 children, giving them a better education, helping them finish school and escape the cycle of poverty for good.

When she grows up, Alana would like to be an artist, actor or a teacher. You can see some of her art on the website she created with her father, Kids Birthdays for Charity. Here, beside her self-portrait, Alana explains that she is raising money for RedEarth Education because she “would like to help people be healthier and smarter.”

The eight-year old was drawn towards fundraising for education after hearing about the plight of young Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan. She realised that education is a very important cause, and not something that can be taken for granted.

Everybody at RedEarth Education would like to thank Alana for her incredible fundraising! The money she has raised through this generous birthday campaign has helped some of the poorest children in Uganda.


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Can you and your friends meet the Challenge? Let’s find out! 

Every day, thousands of children in Uganda miss out on an education. That’s why we are challenging YOU and your friends to raise £50 to help them stay in school! 

It’s super easy to get started! Here’s how:

sign up here

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RedEarth Education work in rural Uganda, where 80% of children do not complete primary school, largely due to their inability to read. They deliver training and support to under-resourced, rural schools in order to improve the quality of learning and keep more children in school. Completing education is crucial in enabling these children to escape the cycle of poverty and to help them unlock their potential for future prosperity.

thank you
By Alana




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