Languages & Education in Uganda

This year, the UN placed language at the centre of the SDGs, emphasising that there is no true development without language development.


So which languages are spoken in Uganda?

In Uganda, English and Swahili are the two official languages. Yet it is English which dominates all formal communications in areas of secondary education, law, politics and government.

However, Uganda is a multi-lingual country, with around forty languages spoken. These are local ‘area languages,’ such as Runyoro spoken in Masindi.  

Read more about the languages in Uganda here.


Then which languages do Ugandan children learn in?!

Until 2006, the curriculum in Uganda was delivered through English, even in lower primary.

However, this was changed in 2007 when the government required that the curriculum be implemented through the local language of each district. This is compulsory for all teaching up to Grade 4 of primary school. From Primary Four(P4) onwards, the medium of instruction should be English.


RedEarth Education focuses on training teachers how to teach primary children to read  in their local language. This enables pupils to become fluent local language readers, before transitioning and adapting their skills to English in P3, P4 and beyond.

Find out more about why mother-tongue language in primary education is central to sustainable development here.




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