Let’s Train 30 Teachers!

RedEarth volunteer and Field Officer, Jenny May, has launched a Crowdfunder project to fund the training of 30 teachers in rural Uganda this summer. 

Visit Jenny’s campaign here.

jenny image.JPG

Jenny aims to raise £300, which will enable her to deliver the training session and empower 30 local teachers.

These teachers are currently working in overcrowded, under-resourced schools, in remote regions of Uganda. They have no access to training, new teaching resources or learning materials. The children in their classes dream of being accountants, lawyers, nurses and teachers. But sadly, most children do not even learn to read and write properly.

With £300, we can help improve the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation of teachers. This impacts significantly on pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of lessons.It is the only way we can help them achieve their dreams.

Together, we can empower 30 teachers, motivate them to achieve more, and change the lives of every pupil that passes through their classroom.

Please make a pledge today, and help prevent one more child from dropping out of school.

Visit Jenny’s campaign here.

£300 will cover: 
– the teachers’ transport to the training centre,
– the cost of the training venue,
– lunch for all teachers,
– all training materials and resources.



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