Creating a Chain of Learning with LFL Foundation

This month, we delivered teacher training for our partners the Lessons for Life Foundation. Together, we are working towards the shared goal of improving the quality of education through teacher training and professional development. Read more about our partnership here.




The training brought 16 Lead Teachers and 4 members of NGO staff from Wakiso, Lyantonde, Iganga and Hoima to the Redearth Training Centre in Masindi. The purpose of the training was to develop their skills in delivering training themselves and supporting schools in their own areas. Each Lead Teacher supports their own school and one other school using the Redearth Education training modules.

By training teachers to train other teachers, we aim to create a chain of learning that carries knowledge and skills from Lead Teachers to their own school communities. This enables Redearth methodologies and best practices to reach a much larger number of teachers throughout Uganda. Yet such training is also central to our founding objective; to create a sustainable, local organisation that can continue with the work of Redearth for many years to come. By empowering teachers with the skills they need to deliver the training themselves, we can ensure that this knowledge is firmly rooted and passed on within local teaching communities. 


What did the training workshops involve?

On the first day, participants visited different schools and shadowed Redearth Field Officers in order to observe how support visits are conducted. On the second day they were asked in groups to prepare a full day of training for a group of Masindi teachers using the training materials. On the third day this training was then delivered to two groups of Masindi teachers.

The LFLF teachers did extremely well and received very positive evaluations from the Masindi teachers they trained. On the final day feedback was provided to all participants. This was followed by a joint meeting of Masindi Lead Teachers and LFLF Lead Teachers in the afternoon, to share ideas and discuss good teaching practices. Evaluations showed that 95% of the participants found the training ‘very useful’ (number 5 on a scale of 5) The other one was a number 4.


Here is what some of the participants had to say about the training:

‘I understood how important it is to have prior, proper preparation in order to have a great training session’ Kachope David (Hoima District)

‘The first day was very interesting to me because I learnt much from the Field Officer. She was lovely, lively, friendly’ Ndyomugyenyi Laban (Lyantonde District)

‘I gained confidence to stand and talk before fellow adults, especially new faces’ Babirye Aidah (Iganga)

IMG_0097IMG_0101IMG_0095IMG_0100IMG_0091 (1)



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