Books for The Uphill Trust & Redearth Schools

This month, we were thrilled to receive a donation to our Reading Programme from Belinda, one of the Trustees of The Uphill Trust, a small Scottish charity that supports a struggling primary school with kindergarten in a poor rural community. Nestled in the Crater Lake hills of western Uganda, Uphill Junior School provides quality education to children aged 3-12 in the remote village of Iruhuura. This incredibly generous donation means that even more local children will now have access to reading material that excites, inspires and empowers them to learn more.

Last year, award-winning children’s author Verna Wilkins and illustrator Sarah Kirk created a new picture book especially for Redearth. Working closely with children in rural Uganda, she created a unique story about their everyday lives. Most of the books in Uganda are currently donated from abroad, and there are very few stories that are relevant to life in Uganda. Through Verna’s book, more children will be able to see characters that look like them on the pages of a published book. She believes that this will help increase low literacy levels, as “the presence of relatable characters can impact on a child’s desire to read.”

Image 5.jpg

With every £10 donation sent to our Reading Programme, each donor receives 1 copy of Verna’s book with an additional 2 books being sent out to the schools we currently work with in Uganda. The Uphill Trust has acquired 12 books of their own, which will be used to enhance pupils’ learning in Uphill Junior School. The Redearth team are absolutely thrilled that our book can now also be enjoyed by more children in another remote and rural region of Uganda. Yesterday, we received a photo of some of the children at Uphill Junior School who will soon be enjoying Verna Wilkins’ A Very Busy Day!

 uphill trust.jpeg

The additional 20 books donated by The Uphill Trust were used this week to deliver an early reading training workshop with 42 teachers and Headteachers in Masindi. The session focused on developing reading methods which help children enjoy the story and maximise comprehension. After the session, the books were then distributed amongst these teachers, who will now be able to share the story with their own pupils.

Everyone at Redearth Education would like to thank Trustees of The Uphill Trust for their generous support and donation, and we look forward to hearing how their pupils get on with A Very Busy Day!









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