A Visit from the Ministry of Education & Sports

This July, 9 officials from the Ministry of Education and Sports visited the Redearth Education Centre in Masindi. The visit was at their request, following a presentation we delivered during their Basic Education Working Group Meeting.

The officials were able to visit a range of schools that Redearth support, meeting some of the children and teachers we work with and monitoring their lessons. This enabled them to witness first-hand the impact Redearth Education is having on learning outcomes. The visit was an extremely positive one and Redearth was invited to another meeting where the feedback report was given by the Ministry officials. We are now planning the next steps.

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Developing Good Practice in Teaching and Learning from nursery to P7

Redearth Education share their objectives with those of the Ministry; to enable all children access to quality education, as well as to further improve both the quality and relevance of their education.

The Ministry stresses three core elements of early year and primary education- making learning more skills-based, using local languages as a medium of instruction, and improving pass rates in literacy and numeracy.

These similarly make up the cornerstone of Redearth Education’s teaching and learning methodologies, which we deliver in all classes from Nursery to Primary 7. This involves:


Professional Development for Teachers

All of Redearth’s programmes are focussed on developing teachers’ confidence and skills in teaching methodology, in order to lead to better learning outcomes for all children. This focus on teacher career development through training and in-service support is central to the Ministry’s objectives. Since 2008 we have trained over 1000 teachers in good teaching and learning practices, through both direct training and in-school monitoring and evaluation support.

Our training addresses different aspects of teaching methodology, such as:

  • Interactive methods
  • Pupil talk
  • Pupil engagement
  • Questioning skills
  • Learning aids to enhance learning
  • Lesson planning and preparation
  • Behaviour management strategies
  • Motivating, encouraging and rewarding pupils
  • Building pupils’ confidence and self-esteem
  • Observing and monitoring pupil performance


Visit Redearth Education to learn more about our work in Uganda.


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