Workshops at Bulera Primary Training College

Last week, we travelled to Hoima District to deliver training to students and tutors at Bulera Primary Training College (PTC).

After observing a group of 20 second year students last term as a baseline, we delivered the two days of training last Friday. The aim of the training was to help students develop an understanding of the factors that create a successful and effective learning environment. This involved considering the most effective use & organisation of teaching spaces, furniture and resources- from the layout of the classroom to learning aids that encourage pupil participation.We also delivered the same training to the college tutors, so that they could acquire an understanding of what their students have been learning.

The PTC has also asked us to put together a ‘model classroom’ at the college so that students can get a good idea of what it should contain.

We will be observing the students again in October to see if there has been an impact on the training on their teaching practice. 

Here are some photos from the training, as well as what the Principal and Tutors had to say about the programme:

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‘The PTCs can gain more than can be measured if introduced. The student teachers can gain a lot that can in turn be introduced into schools and this can revolutionize the learning process in primary schools in this country.’ – Principal

‘The training gave me inspiration to always be creative when teaching because each child is unique’ – Tutor

‘I found the training motivational, entertaining, interesting and professional’ – Tutor

‘The programme should be extended to all institutions that train teaching professionals’ – Tutor



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