Redearth Welcomes new Volunteers, Lydia & Kate

We are thrilled to introduce our two new, long-term volunteers, Lydia and Kate, each with several years of teaching and education experience.

Lydia and Kate will be with us in Masindi for one year, collaborating with rural schools to support local teachers in developing and improving their practices. By bringing about change at a grassroots level, a chain of learning is carried from teachers to the schools in their region, meaning that the training Lydia and Kate deliver will go on to impact hundreds of teachers and thousands of children across Uganda. Helping these children remain in school is crucial to improving their life chances and helping their families escape the cycle of poverty.  

Everyone at Redearth is excited to welcome Lydia and Kate to the team, and look forward to working together in the coming year.





“Though I greatly enjoyed primary teaching in Scotland for several years, I always hoped to add an international development dimension to my work in education. As such, I am delighted to be volunteering with Redearth in the coming year. Previous experiences abroad, for example, as a volunteer in Malawi and Jordan, and academic studies, such as the MSc in Comparative and International Education which I pursued this year, confirmed my ambitions but also challenged my thinking about how to make a difference in the developing world.

Redearth Education particularly caught my eye because of their sustainable grassroots outlook towards training teachers and improving schools in rural Uganda. I am very much looking forward to being part of the wonderful work they are doing, as well as learning a great deal along the way.”

Lydia is fundraising for Redearth here.




Kate W.jpg


“I am currently working as a teacher at Perseid School in Morden, which is a school for children with Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. It is a job that I love, that drives me and inspires me.

Having worked in this environment for almost 4 years, I wish to challenge myself and give a new perspective to my teaching. I have been fortunate enough to have been offered one year’s sabbatical and return to my wonderful school in September 2017. I would like to use this year to enhance my understanding of education and further my skills in order to be shared to benefit my school and its community.

I am extremely excited to join the Redearth team in Masindi and hope to positively contribute to their mission to equip teachers with the tools and confidence to ensure that every child has the chance to meet his or her potential. I share Redearth Education’s vision that every child should receive a quality and meaningful education and that teachers should be supported and empowered to provide it.”

Kate is fundraising for Redearth here.



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