Volunteer Kate fills us in on Masindi life

After taking a year’s sabbatical from Perseid School in Morden, Kate headed out to rural Uganda to volunteer with us for one year. 

After a busy first few months, Kate fills us in on life in Masindi…

“After months of preparation, we have completed our first term in Uganda! Having never visited an African country, my first few months in Masindi have been a wonderfully surreal and fascinating experience!

The journey from Entebbe through to Masindi, via Kampala was an overwhelming experience as there was almost too much to take in; the slums, colours, smells, animals and barefoot children. The city landscape soon gave way to beautiful countryside with vast expanses of red earth and green fields.

Masindi is a bustling, lively town where everyone has approached us with a warm welcome. We have been kept very bust during our first term with visiting the schools we will be supporting as well as working with the Redearth term to carry out Achievement Award Assessments in Masindi, Lyantonde and Iganga.

I have been very lucky to visit a local special school, Masindi Centre for the Handicapped and a specialised unit for children with learning difficulties within a mainstream school. Having been a teacher in a special school in London for 4 years, I had anticipated that it would be hard not to make comparisons, which could be upsetting. What I found could not have been further from my expectations. I was greeted by happy and excited children, and welcomed so warmly by staff who are dedicated, under difficult conditions, to ensure that children have happy, fulfilled and meaningful lives.”

-Written by Kate

Kate training student teachers at Bulera Teacher Training College
Crafting rice sacks into learning aids

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