6 things you helped us achieve in 2016!

It’s a new school term in Uganda and we’re ready to learn! But before we move further into 2017, we wanted to take a look at the incredible milestones and achievements you have helped us reach throughout the previous year…



1.   Last year, our Ugandan team of Field Officers began independently delivering training to local teachers! This is a huge milestone in our step towards local governance and sustainability.





2.  64 teachers were teaching at Silver Level and 23 teachers at Gold Level in the Achievement Awards (all teachers begin at Foundation Level). 





3.   In Redearth-trained schools, there has been a 31% decrease in dropout rates for boys and 26% for girls over the last 2 years. 





4.   In a recent basic numeracy and literacy test, pupil’s average score in Redearth-trained schools increased by 33% (33% to 66%) compared to just 10% in other schools. 




5. We launched a new project to start training student teachers in local government Primary Teacher Training College (PTCs) This is a huge step forward, as PTC training informs all future learning across all schools. 




6.   Several of our Lead Teachers have been promoted, and 7 teachers have been nationally recognised as “changemakers” in their schools through our partnership with STIR. These teachers are the future of Redearth.


Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters, donors and funders! Without you, none of this would have been possible. Now, here’s to an even more successful 2017.



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