The neglected, critical first step in child development



Why pre-primary?

A child’s development in the first five years of his/her life helps determine what kind of future they will have.FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Between the ages of 3-5, children need structured and guided opportunities through which to develop their cognitive, language, social and emotional skills. Gaps in development during this time can have a life-long impact on physical and mental health, learning, behaviour and the ability of a child to reach his or her full potential.

A quality nursery education enables us to prepare each child for primary school, where they will be able to thrive, dramatically decreasing their chances of dropping out.


The neglected, critical first step in child development & success

Did you know, pre-primary education receives just 1.15% of total aid to education? Almost 60% goes to tertiary education, predominantly benefiting children from more affluent families. This is why vulnerable children from poorer backgrounds rely on support to help give them the same
chance in life.

According to UNICEF, disadvantaged children who receive Early Childhood Development (ECD) services “earn up to 25% more as adults compared with children who did not receive the services and almost catch up in earnings to their non-disadvantaged peers.”

Find out how you can give 5 of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged children in Masindi this opportunity today.



Child-centred learning at the nursery

The Redearth Nursery opened in 2015, and is now at full capacity with 75 pupils aged 3-6. Lessons at the Nursery follow the child-centred approach stipulated in the Ugandan curriculum document, “The Learning Framework for Early Childhood Development”

Here is what pupils are busy learning at the nursery in Masindi:


If you would like to find out more about how to sponsor a vulnerable child and improve their life chances by providing them with a quality pre-primary education, please contact or find out more here.



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