Achievement Award Ceremony 2017

The results are in.. and they’re cause for celebration!

The Redearth Achievement Awards Ceremony has come and gone for another year. But behind them, across 70 Ugandan schools, the Awards have left a wave of sustained improvements and advancements in primary teaching and learning. And what better way to celebrate than a day of cheer, food and dancing, as well as welcoming highly notable and honoured guests from the Ministry of Education and Sports, and Masindi District and Municipal Offices…



What are the Redearth Achievement Awards?

The Achievement Awards were set up in 2012 to help address the following issue:

“How can we motivate teachers when they are surrounded with huge challenges, both in their work and their home lives?”

Motivational factors, such as achievement, recognition and advancement, all impact how a teacher feels about their job in a long lasting way. Yet the teachers we met in rural Ugandan schools were not receiving the support and encouragement they needed to feel motivated, passionate or confident about their work. 

With 4 different achievement levels (Foundation, Bronze, Silver, Gold), the Award aims to motivate teachers and support schools to improve their practice by publicly recognising and celebrating high standards of teaching.



The 2017 Achievement Award Ceremony

Each school is at a different stage in their Achievement journey, and the Award celebrates all developments made towards creating better schools at whatever level. 

Today, over 65 teachers are teaching at Silver Level and 22 teachers at Gold Level. This is an incredible achievement on the part of the teachers, who all stared off at Foundation Level. It means that since the 2016 Award Ceremony, 11 teachers have moved up a level to reach Silver and 10 have moved up to reach Gold!

The much anticipated, 2017 Ceremony came after a busy period of assessments earlier in the year. Each morning, at 7:30 am, groups of assessors set off and headed out to observe and assess the schools which Redearth support. The teams were made up of Masindi District and Municipal Inspectors of Schools, Redearth Field Officers, Lead Teachers and volunteers. Following each day’s assessment the teams returned to the Redearth Centre to discuss, debate and ultimately agree on the levels that should be awarded to each teacher, and each school overall.


The big day of celebrations and achievements

The decisions were finally made, and teachers from Redearth-supported schools were invited to the Redearth Centre for the 5th Award Ceremony. The Redearth Team (in white!), Lead Teachers (in red) and volunteers all came together to make the day a success!

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Redearth Lead Teachers and staff had also set up an exhibition inside for guests to explore before the day’s official celebrations began. Redearth learning aids, created from locally sourced materials, were displayed around the hall. Lead Teachers manned each display, welcoming guests and demonstrating the games and activities we use and promote in the classroom.

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Redearth was honoured to receive as our chief guest, Dr Tony Lusambu, Assistant Commissioner for Basic Education from the Ministry of Education and Sports!

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After a tour around the exhibition with Dr Tony Lusambu, everyone made their way to the stage, where a colourful performance by Masindi Town Model dancers kicked off the 2017 celebrations. This was followed by a presentation by the Lead Teachers, a demonstration of children reading using Redearth bottle lines, and lunch!

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And then, with stomachs full and anticipation mounting, the presentation of certificates began! The hall was crowded, the cheering loud and the achievements flowed as hundreds of teachers were called up on stage in recognition of their successes and advancements. 

We also welcomed our first school to reach Gold overall –  Kihande Muslim School. Shools only achieve a level if the majority of individual teachers are teaching at
that level.
This means that most schools at Kihande Muslim are continuously maintaining the highest standard of teaching.. 

Kichandi Primary, Kinuuma Primary, and Isagara Primary all reached Silver. 


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