Early Years Training – Round 2

Latest update on our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Training programme, helping combat the invisible crisis facing the world’s poorest and youngest children.

In November 2016, we launched our ECD Pilot Project to see if the outcomes that have been achieved in the Redearth Nursery can be scaled up to nurseries attached to government primary schools. 

In April 2017, the second round of training began with all six Masindi nursery teachers taking part in the programme.

The training focussed on planning and delivering lessons for specific learning areas, making and utilising resources to supplement this learning, and incorporating play-based learning into the curriculum.

During this training teachers also planned and delivered specific lessons to the other trainers The group then discussed the lesson and gave ideas to develop and improve the lesson further


The training involved:

  1. Writing clear daily lesson plans
  2. Planning activities and games for group activities in lessons to help build children’s understanding and competency
  3. Incorporating play activities as part of the lesson to focus on social, motor and behaviour skills development
  4. Using the outdoor area for some of the lesson with the whole class or in groups where appropriate 
  5. Incorporating positive behaviour management strategies into the lesson, including activities which refocus children if they become restless.

Redearth Senior Field Officer Chris will continue to monitor and support participating nursery teachers, organising nursery visits and reciprocal visits (as appropriate) and organising further training from April to October 2017.




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