Redearth Education at the National ECD Conference


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This July, we were invited to present at the National Early Childhood Development Conference (ECD) organised by Aga Khan Foundation  in Entebbe.

The National Conference on Strengthening the ECD Landscape in Uganda brought together key stakeholders from a range of sectors across the country with the aim of championing and improving ECD education. 

Our Operations Manager, Ronalds, and Centre Manager, Emmanuel, were invited to deliver a presentation on Redearth Education’s work in ECD education. They discussed the Redearth Model Nursery’s focus on child-centred, interactive learning, as well as our Early Years Training, which guides nursery teachers to create and implement low-cost or zero-cost learning and teaching aids in their classrooms. 

“Our main focus is the Child. We share the the conviction that the future of this country highly depends on a vibrant ECD landscape.”

– Ronalds Baguma, Redearth Education Operations Manager




During the Conference, Ronalds and Emmanuel met Juliet, Director of Education and Social Services at Kampala Capital City Authority. Juliet has invited Ronalds and Emmanuel to deliver the presentation to a group of Headteachers in Kampala later this month.

Bernard Atiku, chairperson of Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Children was also impressed with their presentation, and is keen to mobilise other members of his team to learn more about Redearth Education’s work in ECD education. 

Congratulations and thank you to Ronalds and Emmanuel for their informative and well-received presentation!

Find out more about Redearth Education’s ECD work in Uganda here. 


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