Meeting Meghshala in India


We’ve been in India meeting with the inspiring Meghshala, a non-profit based in Bangalore working to improve teaching and learning in Indian schools.

Like Redearth Education, Meghshala believes that curiosity and fun are integral parts of any classroom, and are crucial elements to life-long learning. Meghshala designs fun, engaging lessons that guide pupils to become curious learners and thinkers rather than memorisers.

Banglalore is a vibrant and exciting city – brimming with innovation, as well as manic traffic and millions of zinging tuk tuks. While there, we met with the organisation’s Founder, Jo Thiyagarajan, a passionate and dynamic person full of energy and enthusiasm, as well as other team members who were thrilled to share their ideas and insights with us. We are very grateful for such a warm and welcoming reception from all their staff.

We also visited a few of the schools Meghshala are working with. What we saw were confident and passionate teachers, and engaged students raising their hands, thinking critically, questioning and getting involved.


Redearth Education and Meghshala non profits
Redearth co-founder, Lynne, and Meghshala founder, Jo.








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