Discussing bilingual literacy in Bangalore

Our Directors, Lynne and Ronnie, have been in India meeting with the incredible organisations Efundu Guru and Meghashala. It was a great learning experience, sharing insights into bilingual early year reading, and looking at works from both an Indian context as well as Ugandan context by Paul Sutherland, Founder of Utopia Foundation. Like Redearth Education, Efundu.guru believes … More Discussing bilingual literacy in Bangalore

Creating a Global Teacher Movement with LRTT

This summer, Redearth Education is partnering with Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT) on an exciting learning programme to create a global teacher movement. LRTT Fellows will join the Redearth team to train and support government-school Headteachers in key aspects of leadership and management.      Like Redearth Education, LRTT is committed to creating a world where every child … More Creating a Global Teacher Movement with LRTT

Early Years Training – Round 2

Latest update on our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Training programme, helping combat the invisible crisis facing the world’s poorest and youngest children. In November 2016, we launched our ECD Pilot Project to see if the outcomes that have been achieved in the Redearth Nursery can be scaled up to nurseries attached to government primary schools.  In … More Early Years Training – Round 2

Breakfast in Bweyale

There are times when the zany, perplexing, bizarre and incomprehensible will accompany and decorate the mundane and day-to-day.  4 of us were on our way to Chobe Lodge for a bit of R&R and stopped on the way for breakfast, having left Masindi early, without eating.  Milner’s Cafe, proudly punctuates the roadside as you leave the chaotic … More Breakfast in Bweyale

The invisible crisis facing the world’s poorest, youngest children

  Did you know – by their fifth birthday, a child’s brain will already be 90% developed? If you didn’t, don’t worry. Most people don’t. Which is why we are facing an invisible crisis that affects the world’s poorest, youngest children. But it’s a scary thought to think that the precious brains inside our skulls … More The invisible crisis facing the world’s poorest, youngest children